Paula Donohoe

What can I expect from a first session?

In the first session, which is usually 90 minutes long, we will learn more about each other. We will discuss your experiences of accessing supervision, any worries you have and how you would like to use this space.

We will set up a Supervision contract which enables us to work collaboratively to contract how the clinical supervision space will be used. Within this contract you will also cover practical aspects like time keeping and safeguarding.

How do I book my supervision sessions?

All sessions are arranged in advance, for the term of the contact. We will try, wherever possible, to keep to the same slot each time (e.g. every 4th Monday at 3pm) so that you can keep this time protected.

It will be tempting to rearrange your supervision session and book a different meeting instead. Just remember, by accessing clinical supervision you are looking after your own wellbeing and helping the people you work with so please prioritise your sessions.

You or your organisation will be charged if you do not attend your supervision session, or you do not cancel/rearrange within 24 hours.

How do I attend my sessions?

Where sessions are delivered face to face the venue will be decided in advance.

Where sessions are delivered remotely using Zoom, a re-occurring Zoom meeting invitation will be sent to you, along with an email confirming session times and dates. Please accept the meeting invitations.

We appreciate that there may be some pre-scheduled sessions that you may not be able to attend; please decline that session only and state the reason behind this in the decline response. This enables us to report that you could not attend rather than did not attend.

What happens if there is a safeguarding concern? Are my supervision sessions confidential?

Your supervision sessions are confidential unless there are any safeguarding concerns. We will take some brief notes and they will be stored on our secure online system.

What information will be shared with the organisation I work for?

In situation where your organisation is paying for clinical supervision sessions, information on attendance and non-attendance will be provide to the organisation. With your consent, any overarching themes that may be beneficial for the organisation to be aware of will be made available.
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